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15/03/2007 Changing Lives - SSSC Newsletter Pull-out

A year on from the publication of Changing Lives, the Report of the 21st Century Social Work Review, this newsletter provides information about progress made and the work for the year ahead. (564 KB)

01/03/2007 Workforce Social Data Collection, Sharing & Dissemination - Final Report

This report considers whether it is appropriate to establish a data warehouse to hold Scottish Social Service Workforce data that will be made available on a shared basis for analysis to support workforce planning, by both statutory agencies and employers. (631 KB)


This study examined the work and family lives of those who provide care for ‘vulnerable’ children and young people. This workforce has received recent public policy attention following a number of childcare scandals. (66 KB)

25/01/2007 A Matter of Substance? - Alcohol or Drugs: Does it make a difference to the child?

The latest report on the impact of parental drug and alcohol misuse on children from Aberlour Childcare Trust. (1.4 MB)

09/01/2007 Delivering for Health: Delivering for Mental Health: Using Self-help in Primary Care and Community Based Services - A guide to everyday service delivery for mild to moderate psychological problems

Delivering for Health: Delivering for Mental Health: Using self help in Primary Care and Community Based Services (697 KB)

22/12/2006 Delivering for Health: Delivering for Mental Health: Establishing Acute Inpatient Forums and improving care

Delivering for Mental Health: Acute inpatient forums (329 KB)

19/12/2006 Getting it right for every child: Draft Children’s Services (Scotland) Bill Consultation

Consultation on the draft Children’s Services (Scotland) Bill Consultation, which is intended to support the implementation of Getting it right for every child. (1.4 MB)

18/12/2006 Key Capabilities in Child Care and Protection

Child protection publication, to ensure child protection is taught consistently in social work degrees. (820 KB)

13/12/2006 Changing Lives – Self Assessment Return Letter

This is a copt of a letter sent to all Local Authority Directors of Social Work regarding the return of the self-assessment returns requested in the Changing Lives: Implementation Plan and the follow-up plans. (79 KB)

08/12/2006 Looked After Children 2005-06

Looked After Children 2005-06 Publication (402 KB)

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