Publications 16

25/08/2005 Supporting Children’s Learning - Additional Support for Learning Act: Code of Practice

Statutory Guidance relating to the Education (Additional Support for Learning) (Scotland) Act 2004. (538 KB)

11/07/2005 Framework for Developing Nursing Roles

A guidance document for the nursing profession which assists nurses and other members of the clinical team to develop their roles in response to patient/community need. (387 KB)

03/07/2005 Public Knowledge of and Attitudes Towards Social Work in Scotland

Purpose: To research public knowledge of and attitudes to social workers, social work services and the context in which they operate. This included a public attitude survey and focus groups and was carried out by Mori. (1.5 MB)

03/07/2005 Time for Work

Purpose: To carry out a pilot study to provide an illustrative picture about how social workers spend their time. (111 KB)

03/07/2005 Effective Social Work With Older People

Purpose: To review the evidence base for effective social work with older people including identifying effective and desirable outcomes for older people, the distinctive skills required by social workers and the implications for future policy and practice in this field. (290 KB)

01/07/2005 Safer Recruitment Practice - Audit of Existing Recruitment Practices in Residential Child Care

Report by the Scottish Institute for Residential Child Care (SIRCC) to identify current recruitment practices in residential child care, for staff who have unsupervused contact with children and to gauge opinion on how safer recruitment should be taken forward. (246 KB)

30/06/2005 Delivery Through Leadership: NHS Scotland Leadership Development Framework

‘Delivery Through Leadership’ is the Leadership Development Framework for NHS Scotland. There is a supporting national Leadership Development Plan 2005-07. (211 KB)

30/06/2005 Delivery Through Leadership: Leadership Development Plan

The Leadership Development Plan 2005-07 takes forward the implementation of the NHS Scotland Leadership Development Framework. (393 KB)

17/05/2005 Improving Front Line Services: A Framework for Supporting Front Line Staff

A Framework Document intended to challenge, affirm and further develop people management practice in the social care & social work . (1.5 MB)

01/04/2005 Leadership and Management Development in Social Services Organisations - A Short Life Study

A report by the Scottish Leadership Foundation as a follow on study to the work previously published on Leadership and Management in Social Work. (210 KB)

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