Publications 15

A guide to acquiring funding for learning and development in Voluntary Sector Social Services If you would like a copy of theis publication, please contact Laura Weir ([email protected] or 01786 849752) (925 KB)

12/12/2005 A Vision for the Voluntary Sector: The Next Phase of Our Relationship

This report sets out a vision of a vibrant, strong, sustainable and independent sector. (623 KB)

01/12/2005 The Role of the Social Worker in the 21st Century - A Literature Review

Purpose: to draw together evidence and perspectives on the role and purpose of the social worker in the modern world. (232 KB)

09/11/2005 National Strategy for the Development of the Social Service in Scotland - A Plan for Action

The strategy focuses on the development of the social services and puts forward positive solutions to the challenges the whole face. (1.2 MB)

02/11/2005 Delivering for Health

The programme set out in this document describes in practical terms what action we will take to turn our vision of the health service into reality. It builds on the National Framework for Service Chnage to provide a template for the future NHS Scotland. (1.5 MB)

01/11/2005 Personalisation and Participation: The Future of Social Care in Scotland

Research report by DEMOS on personalisation in Social Services. (3.2 MB)

24/10/2005 Motivations for Undertaking the New Social Work Degree

Contains the key findings a research project BMRB conducted on a survey of first year undergraduate and postgraduate social work students. (615 KB)

01/10/2005 In-depth Case Studies to Explore the Delivery of Social Work

Purpose: To explore the delivery of social work services in the context of other aspects of service provision, starting from the perspective of users and carers. (237 KB)

01/09/2005 Managing Risk and Minimising Mistakes in Service to Children and Families

This report by the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) is about how organisations can learn from mistakes. (815 KB)

31/08/2005 Delegation of Authority Nearer to Frontline Staff – A Scoping Paper

Purpose: To scope the need and possibility for greater delegation of budgets and streamlining some of the complex governance and accountability structures in local government social work. It sets out the issues in context, identifies the barriers and constraints and gives a sense of whether these are inevitable or can be overcome. (74 KB)

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