Publications 13

07/02/2006 Literature Review on Media Representations of Social Work and Social Workers

Purpose: To review the literature on the relationship between the media and social work, provide an explanation of such reporting, the impact of media coverage on social work practice and highlight the strategies for remedying this situation. (105 KB)

07/02/2006 Review of Social Work Legislation

Purpose: To provide a comprehensive and summary briefing on the legislation relevant to social work in Scotland. (194 KB)

07/02/2006 Report on Analysis of Responses to the Call for Contributions - Role of the Social Worker

Purpose: This call for evidence invited responses to a series of questions on the role of the social worker (125 KB)

07/02/2006 Report of Meeting with Main Grade Social Work Staff

Purpose: To consult frontline social work staff on their role as a social worker. (216 KB)

07/02/2006 Report on the event with Community Care Providers Scotland (CCPS)

Purpose: to seek the views of CCPS members in the review, enable them to contribute to the development of solutions and to inform the review of areas requiring more in-depth consideration. (115 KB)

07/02/2006 Report of Workshop with Royal College of Nursing (RCN) Scotland

Purpose: To provide an opportunity to gather the views of nurses on social workers and to discuss issues of common interest including professional accountability, leadership and supervision. (118 KB)

07/02/2006 Report on Chief Social Work Officer Event

Purpose: To debate senior professional leadership in social work and gain agreement on developing future requirements, principles and standards. There were 18 people involved from a range of agencies including CoSLA, local authorities, SOLACE, voluntary organisations, ADSW, SWIA, the Scottish Leadership Foundation, and the Review’s Leadership and Management Group. (91 KB)

07/02/2006 Everyone Needs to Know There is Someone There for Them – A Report on a Young People’s Consultation

Purpose: To gain young people’s views on the type of society they wanted to live in, the help and support than people may need to enable them to meet their full potential. 24 young people aged between 11 and 16 took part in the groups. (5 MB)

07/02/2006 Learning from Failure: A Review of Major Social Care / Health Inquiry Recommendations

Purpose: To draw together the recommendations of eleven high profile inquiries carried out on the social care and health sector over the last 60 years within the United Kingdom. It considers the recurring messages from these inquiries in the shaping of social work in Scotland. (479 KB)

07/02/2006 Report on Analysis of Responses to the Call for Contributions – Delivery of Services

Purpose: Responses were invited on the organisation and delivery of social care services. (193 KB)

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