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21/06/2006 Demystifying the Qualifications Maze

This leaflet aims to clarify the current themes, qualifications and policy direction that affect employers and employees in the Voluntary Sector Social Services. (532 KB)

21/06/2006 Safer Recruitment and Selection of Staff Working in Child Care - A Toolkit

Developed by the Scottish Recruitment and Selection Consortium. The aim of this toolkit is so make safer the selection of social work staff and carers who work with children by making it rigorous, objective and standardised. (2.7 MB)

20/06/2006 Leadership and Development Report

Report of a research study undertaken by the Scottish Leadership Foundation on career paths, training and development of social work managers and leaders. (86 KB)

16/06/2006 Evaluation Of The Lean Approach To Business Management And Its Use In The Public Sector

This paper provides an overview of an investigation of the use of the ‘Lean’ management concept in the Scottish public sector. It presents the evidence of an evaluation of Lean in the public sector undertaken between June 2005 and March 2006, drawing on four sources: a literature review, a cross-case study analysis, a survey and four pilot studies. (1.2 MB)

15/06/2006 Transforming Public Services: The Next Phase of Reform

There are six main sections to the document. The introduction sets a context for reform and indicates some of the principal challenges ahead. A vision for Scottish public services, their core values and the fundamentals of reform are set out. The importance of appropriate structures, achievable outcomes and the most valuable asset the public sector has, the people who work in public service, are highlighted. The document then sets out the most significant areas in which transformed public servic (778 KB)

01/06/2006 Making Connections

A booklet of stories about local area co-ordination in Scotland. (2 MB)

30/05/2006 Presentation for Dartington -i (US) Seminar on 30 May 2006 Setting the Scene - The Scottish Context

This presentation focuses on children in temporary foster care. (44 KB)

30/05/2006 Reduction of Children Looked After through Performance Based Contracting

This is a presentation made by Dartington -i (US) on 30 May 2006 (576 KB)

15/05/2006 LEAN in Service Redesign Presentation

This is the presentation on LEAN made to the ADSW Conference 2006. (60 KB)

11/05/2006 Ministers Speech from ADSW Conference 11 May 2006

This is a transcrip of the speech delivered by Peter Peacock, Minister for Education and Young People, to the Association of Directors of Social Work at Crieff Hydro on 11 May 2006. (62 KB)

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