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August 2008

Personalisation was the theme of the National Practitioners Conference, held in Dunfermline on 25 June. Co-chair Nigel Henderson presented a session highlighting successful approaches to personalised services and led a workshop session to discuss the principles of personalisation and the barriers that stood in the way. The Group will be seeking views from Local Authorities on how current activities contribute to advancing the principles of personalisation.

Next Meeting of Service Development Group: 25 August

March 2008

The group last met on 25 February and work is ongoing on a number of core products to be launched by summer 2008, including the ‘Shared Understanding of Personalisation’ paper, Practice Case Studies and the ‘Commissioning for Personalisation’ paper.

December 2007

At the November meeting of the Group the ‘Personalisation — a shared understanding’ paper was signed off with the intention to issue this in the new year with a cover note from the group encouraging people to consider and use as a basis for reflection on practice/local discussion.

The group are considering some project work that might be done around the personalisation agenda and the key elements identified in the shared understanding paper. The group also intend to deliver a number of other products in 2008, including a ‘Commissioning for Personalisation’ paper, a Personalisation event and publication of Practice case studies and various approaches to personalising services.


Changing Lives did not pose structural solutions to address the problems that the 21st Century Social Work Review identified. Instead it proposed that services must be re-designed to more effectively and efficiently deliver the desired outcomes for each client group.

Achieving Changing Lives’ vision for future service delivery is rightly the responsibility of local authorities and their public, private and voluntary sector partners. However, the review recognised that there is a need to develop organisational capacity to achieve such radical change and that doing so might require changes at the centre as well as at local level. This change programme therefore focuses on supporting local agencies to achieve the long term goal of transforming the delivery of social work services so that:

Achieving our aspirations in service development will require reforms not only in social work services but across the public sector in line with the five principles of public service reform.

The Service Development Change Programme will be closely integrated with other streams of Scottish Government policy.

Care 21 Archive

Care 21 was a small policy unit attached to the Social Work Services Policy Division and funded by the then Scottish Executive between 2004 and 2006 and it sat alongside the work being done for the 21st Century Review of Social Work.

Care 21’s main objective was to create better services for people, by seeking the best ideas and practice from Scotland, UK and abroad, in the public, private and voluntary sectors.