Leadership & management

To ensure leaders and managers have the courage, vision and skills to develop social work services fit to anticipate and respond to future needs.

17 November 2008

Leadership and management – an update

Due to factors outside of the Scottish Government’s control, Changing Lives activity in relation to leadership and management has been severely disrupted since August. This month, however, the Scottish Government has brought forward a comprehensive set of arrangements to re-energise this agenda.

Against this backdrop the Scottish Government plans to:

An evaluation of the “Leading to Deliver” programme was published on 30th October, which the Scottish Government is currently considering.

Further information on Leadership and management will follow in due course

November 5 2008

Evaluation of Leading to Deliver programme published

The Scottish Government established the Leading to Deliver programme in 2003 to develop leadership and management skills for first-line and middle managers working in the social services sector in Scotland. This evaluation seeks to inform decisions about the programme’s future after five years of operation. August 2008

The 4 Regional Learning Networks have worked with Scottish Government and the SSSC to agree a single Vision Statement for the Networks which will now inform their individual and collective objectives over 2008-2011.

The evaluation of the latest Leading to Deliver cohort will be published in late August.

March 2008

A Leadership model has been developed. The Leadership Framework itself will comprise the model, a section focusing on diagnosis and reflection, and signposts to a range of supporting tools and resources for individuals, teams and organisations.

Four regional events have been planned (4th March — Glasgow, 17th March — Dundee, 2nd April — Edinburgh, 24th April — Inverness). Each event will comprise about 30 to 40 invited individuals across a wide cross section of the social services workforce. The events’ purpose is twofold:

The Leading to Deliver 5th cohort of 100 students have just completed the accredited postgraduate certificate for leadership development. A post - Leading to Deliver event will take place in Glasgow on 29th April. Drawing together participants with their line managers, the event aims to ensure that learning and expertise developed through the programme is transferred, developed and sustained back in the workplace.

An independent evaluation of Leading to Deliver is under way through York Consulting. The evaluation involves the 5th cohort, samples from previous cohorts, as well as other stakeholders. An interim report is due in April, with the final report in May. Key findings will inform any further development of the programme.

In March 2007, seven champions emerged from a Leading to Deliver event in Glasgow and, working in partnership with the Scottish Government and the Scottish Leadership Foundation, they have determined the principle on which the Leadership Community will be based: individuals who wish to join the community must contribute to it. Thus the community provides a means to draw on and share the leadership knowledge, understanding and skills of its members.

Two regions are currently taking this agenda forward. In SE Scotland a leadership event was organised in November in partnership with the SE Learning Network. This is being followed up by a further event on 12th March in Edinburgh organised by two Leading to Deliver graduates. This will be the first step in establishing the core of a SE regional leadership network.

In the West of Scotland an event is being planned for 1st May in Glasgow. The approach here is for each member of the project team to lead an interactive workshop. The aim is to develop networks of interest around “hot topics” .

December 2007

A draft Leadership and Management Framework will be road tested with some of the social work services community, to ensure both its applicability and usefulness, in the first quarter of 2008. Leading to Deliver - the accredited postgraduate certificate for leadership development - is now reaching its final assessment of the current (5th) cohort. An interim report will be available by March 2008, with the final report to be produced in May 2008. In addition an event is being planned for April 2008 to bring together participants, their line managers, and Chairs of the Change Programmes.

A Leadership Community is being established by past and present participants of Leading to Deliver. A leadership event was organised in partnership with the South East Scotland Learning Network on 22 November 2007. A further event is being planned with the West of Scotland Learning Network for 13 March 2008

The Change Academy project is now well underway with the main residential event taking place January 12 — 15 2008.


The Leadership and Management Change Programme will take forward work based on a number of themes which include the following.